‘Amnesia: Rebirth’ gets an exploratory mode that makes the game less scary

Would you like to try Amnesia: Rebirth but think that you find the game too scary to finish it off? Fortunately, developer Frictional Games is adding an adventure mode that promises to defuse its horror elements. Here’s how it works: you will still see enemies in the game, but they won’t attack you. Better lighting makes it easier to explore places that were previously in the dark at your own pace. Adventure mode also contains “some” bonus puzzles for players to solve. If you’ve already played through Amnesia: Rebirth, this last point may convince you to start the game again.

This isn’t the first time the studio has given players the chance to experience any of its games without delving into all of the horror elements associated with it. A similar “safe mode” was developed for the SOMA 2015. It is also part of a growing trend that game developers are adding these types of modes to their games. One of the most notable examples is Assassin Creed’s Discovery Tour.

The update for Amnesia: Rebirth’s Adventure Mode is free to download. If you don’t already own the game, you can currently get 40 percent off Steam, the Epic Games Store and GOG.

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