Bang & Olufsen’s $2,000 ‘portable’ speaker is designed to last decades

Bang & Olufsen’s audio equipment ranges from opulent to functional. The company has a range of speakers that include everything from pocket-sized sound bars and bluetooth devices to modular wall sculptures and expensive showpieces. Today the company introduces its latest creation: the Beosound Level. With this speaker, B&O offers a “portable” option that allows you to move around your house – from a wall bracket to a side table or even outside. The company says the expensive speaker will last longer thanks to its “easy maintenance, servicing and repair” design.

Gallery: Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level speakers | 45 photos

Gallery: Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level speakers | 45 photos

First and foremost, the Beosound Level is a true wireless speaker. This includes both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, with Airplay 2, Google Cast and Spotify Connect supported. There are physical connections for line in / optics and ethernet if you need them. The book or plate-like design allows you to lay the speaker flat on a table, stand it upright on a shelf, or mount it on the wall. The Beosound Level can change its mood based on its position and automatically switch from 180 degrees to 360 degrees depending on how you place it or hang it on the wall.

Many people may want to prominently showcase the Beosound Level as it is made from bead-blasted aluminum and comes with a choice of natural oak and knitted fabric covers. The control elements are integrated in the metal frame and the “buttons” are activated with touch gestures. According to Bang & Olufsen, the speaker lights up to greet you thanks to proximity sensors. The time of day is taken into account by automatically adjusting the brightness.

To improve portability, Bang & Olufsen has supplied a rechargeable battery with a playback time of 16 hours “at typical volume levels”. The company can achieve this by “intelligently analyzing behavior and continuously adjusting power consumption and coordination”. B&O also made the charger a magnetic puck that snaps into the back of the speaker rather than a typical plug. In addition, thanks to its IP54 dust and splash resistance, the Beosound Level is suitable for casual outdoor entertainment.

Bang & Olufsen

Inside, an array of five speakers manages all of your audio. The company claims its collection of two 4-inch woofers, a 2-inch full-range driver, two 0.8-inch tweeters, and low-distortion amplifiers can achieve 79dB bass and 96dB midrange volume. But the most interesting components are those that B&O says will “fight technology obsolescence, improve resource efficiency and improve longevity”.

The Beosound Level comes with a replaceable streaming module that powers more of the company’s upcoming in-home speakers. Bang & Olufsen states that the part has been given “enough computing power and connectivity technology” to include updates to improve performance and new features for “many years to come”. The company also says the speakers are “modular” to allow customers to perform simple maintenance tasks like replacing batteries and to give service partners better access to key components. Depending on what new audio technology is available, we will of course have to wait and see whether this loudspeaker really stays up to date for “decades of great sound experiences”.

The Beosound Level is available now for $ 1,999 (€ 1099 / £ 9,499) in natural and in gold for $ 2,299 (€ 1,299 / £ 10,900). The wall mount you’ll need to hang the speaker won’t arrive until April 29th and will cost an additional $ 149. As in the past for other speakers, B&O promises more colors and materials for the front covers.

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