Behavioral science startup 2Morrow raises $1.5M to grow digital therapeutic platform

New financing: 2Morrow, a Seattle-area startup developing digital coaching software to help people achieve health goals, has raised $ 1.5 million. Total funding so far is $ 2.9 million.

Company background: Founded in 2011, 2Morrow works with employers, states, health plans, retailers, providers and public health organizations that use the smartphone-based apps to help patients quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress and more . It uses an intervention approach known as acceptance and attachment therapy (ACT).

2Morrow said 2020 has been the best year yet as the pandemic has spurred demand for digital health services that can be delivered remotely. The 11-person startup has launched a new program to help people cope with the mental and emotional stress of grief, loss and change.

2Morrow has also been working with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center since 2013 to develop smoking cessation apps.

guide: 2Morg is run by Jo Masterson. The CEO and Co-Founder is a former nurse who previously held marketing roles at City University of Seattle and High 5 Software.

Investors: WRF Capital, the Washington Research Foundation’s venture arm, led the investment. Other supporters are Alliance of Angels, Frontier Angels, Zelkova and Angel investors.

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