Bezos Earth Fund announces $200M in climate grants and pledges

The Partnership for Southern Equity, a participant in the Justice40 Accelerator, is among the youngest recipients of grants from the Bezos Earth Fund. (Partnership for Southern Equity via Twitter)

The Bezos Earth Fund today announced $ 203.7 million in grants and pledges aimed at advancing climate justice, supporting climate-focused economic recovery projects, and driving innovation on the path to decarbonization.

The pledges are part of a $ 10 billion initiative backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to fund scientists, activists, non-governmental organizations and other actors who can address the challenges of climate change.

“This funding is just the next step in the Bezos Earth Fund’s drive to bring about catalytic change in this crucial decade.” Andrew Steer, the recently appointed President and CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund, said in a press release. “With every grant, we help organizations make progress and create pathways to a more sustainable future.”

Today’s announcement includes immediate donations of $ 73.7 million to 12 organizations and an additional $ 130 million pledge to be distributed to organizations supporting the Biden government’s Justice40 climate initiative by the end of 2021. Justice40 aims to deliver at least 40% of the total benefits from federal climate investments in clean energy to disadvantaged communities. This is how the grants are distributed:

Advancing climate justice:

Stand up for climate action to drive economic recovery:

Progressive decarbonation:

Other grants go to the Earthshot Prize ($ 4.2 million) and the National Geographic Society and the Campaign for Nature ($ 1.5 million). The grants and commitments announced today follow an initial round of $ 791 million in grants to 16 environmental organizations made last November.

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