Bezos, Jeff Bezos, strikes again in billion-dollar bid for Bond and MGM – and social media shoots back

He already has the tuxedo, now Jeff Bezos has Bond too. (GeekWire File Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Bezos. Jeff Bezos.

Doesn’t quite sound like the introduction of a certain British secret agent. But that’s not something that $ 8.5 billion can’t fix, is it?

No sooner had Amazon announced its multi-billion dollar bid to acquire MGM studios – including the entire James Bond catalog of 26 films – than social media, Twitter in particular, offered its usual critical review of the news on Wednesday.

Meme-worthy snark was the order of the day when Amazon proved again that Amazon is buying what Amazon wants and snapping the famous Hollywood studio in the biggest store since it shopped and checked out at Whole Foods for $ 13.7 billion Has. There are probably many Bond titles applicable, but “The World Is Not Enough” feels especially good today.

So forget about Lex Luthor for a minute. Bezos as the Bond villain feels more topical:

Amazon to acquire MGM studios for $ 9 billion so Jeff Bezos can finally fulfill his destiny of becoming a Bond villain.

– Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, ACCA Esq. ???? (@ParikPatelCFA) May 25, 2021


Amazon bought MGM / UA. Here is a photo … # CatsOfTwitter #JamesBond Jeff Bezos must be very happy !! ????

– Nina Creech (@ Ncreature29) May 26, 2021

Was Dr. Octopus a Bond villain?

With Amazon’s purchase of MGM, Jeff Bezos will be the next James Bond villain

– BLURAYANGEL (@blurayangel) May 26, 2021

Amazon officially bought MGM Studios for $ 8.45 billion.

This acquisition is stupid because you * already * can buy the entire Bond franchise DVD box on Amazon for just $ 75.

– Trung Phan ???????? (@TrungTPhan) May 26, 2021

So … Amazon is buying MGM. And #JamesBond #NoTimeToDie is getting a new home for the time being … # PrimeTimeToDie


– HotelHorror (@ HotelHorror1) May 26, 2021

But it wasn’t all limited to Bond:

Amazon is about to purchase MGM Hollywood studio. This is such a billionaire move. Next up, Jeff Bezos will buy Kellogg’s so the MGM lion can fight Tony the tiger. #LSSC

– A late show (@colbertlateshow) May 26, 2021

Before its MGM plans, Amazon had already established itself as a major player in Hollywood with Amazon Studios and its Prime Video streaming service. Actor Chris Pratt, star of Prime’s upcoming summer blockbuster “The Tomorrow War,” even dropped the name of his “boss” in a tweet:

I’ll ask Jeff Bezos if it’s too late
to change the title.

– Chris Pratt (@prattprattpratt) May 26, 2021

Others found a connection back to Bezos’ struggles with former President Donald Trump, the former reality TV star:

Do you know what the Amazon and MGM deal means?

Jeff Bezos now owns The Apprentice.

Jeff Bezos owns the outtakes of The Apprentice.

* sips coffee *

– YS (@ NYinLA2121) May 26, 2021

The tech giant’s history of the taxes it pays and doesn’t pay, as well as its current antitrust issues, were also ripe for shocks:

If I didn’t pay taxes, I could afford to buy MGM too

– Blaine Capatch (@blainecapatch) May 26, 2021

MGM, one of eight Hollywood studios targeted by the DoJ in 1948 for antitrust concerns and vertical integration that changed the entire entertainment landscape in the United States, was closed by …


– Julia Alexander (@Loudmouthjulia) May 26, 2021

And finally, it was difficult to let go of MGM’s roaring lion mascot without replacing it with a laughing Bezos:

Amazon will acquire MGM Studios for $ 8.5 billion as part of the tech giant’s second largest deal to bolster the media empire

– GeekWire (@geekwire) May 26, 2021

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