CEO Says This Is Worth 35 Amazons

Invest May 31, 2021

By: Rex Moore

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos recently surprised investors when he revealed that new technology is key to Amazon’s future success.

In fact, Bezos argues that “it is difficult to overestimate the impact of this breakthrough technology”.

The CEO of ARK Investments continues Bezos: “We think [it] could approach a market cap of $ 17 trillion – That would be 35 Amazons. ”

What on earth could 35 Amazons be worth?

The answer is a radical breakthrough that Wired calls “AI’s rocket fuel”.

And that huge leap forward has excited many on Wall Street.

And if you’re an investor, I haven’t even told you the best … Because one remarkable company is absolutely dominating this exploding market.

More on that in a second, but I’m amazed at how the super-rich are reacting to this technology:

  • A Shark Tank billionaire says it’ll make the world’s first Trillionaire
  • Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, turned his entire business – including his $ 8.7 billion stake – to take advantage of the benefits
  • Even super investor Warren Buffett says this will have “an extremely positive social effect”.

When so many successful people are all saying the same thing, it is usually worth listening

That’s because another company (less than 1/6 the size of Amazon) … is making a component so powerful that we consider it to be one of the true and enduring leaders in this futuristic technology.

And with everything I hear from Silicon Valley and Wall Street …

I don’t feel like I’m very far out with this “bold” prediction:

Five years from now, you’ll probably wish you had bought this stock.

And the good news is, today you can find out all about this company and this amazing technology.

Because I laid the whole story about this incredible technology trend in one exclusive report.

And you’ll want to see this report before you invest $ 1 in a tech company.

Because inside, you’ll find out why some mega-rich investors are taking advantage of this technology trend.

And you will find out how a legendary investor is preparing for this incredible opportunity.

But if you are ready to take this opportunity, I encourage you to act quickly.

Because the story of the coming boom is already beginning to leak.

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