Day 2: Amazon defeated the union in Alabama, but did it win on the larger stage?

University of Washington professor Margaret O’Mara discusses the history of technology at GeekWire Summit 2017. (GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong)

Amazon warehouse employees voted against union formation in Bessemer, Ala., in a victory for the company and a defeat for organized work. However, the process has put focus on labor practices at the tech giant’s fulfillment centers and the company’s anti-union tactics. The union questions the result. But even if the results are correct, was this really a win for Amazon?

“There are no clear winners and losers here,” he said Margaret O’Mara, a historian, author, and professor at the University of Washington who specializes in the history of engineering and politics. “There may be some winning laps on Amazon right now. However, this has opened a conversation about his labor practices. Amazon plays hardball. That is part of the secret of success. “

On this episode of GeekWire’s new day two podcast, O’Mara shares the aftermath of the union vote with GeekWire reporter Mike Lewis and our podcast employee Jason Boyce, a former Amazon seller who runs the e-commerce agency Avenue7Media and co-author of the book, The Amazon jungle.

Listen above and find more episodes of Day 2 here.

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