‘Fall Guys’ cross-play features arrive tomorrow

Mediatonic will be releasing a Fall Guys mid-season patch on May 13th that will add some cross-play functionality to the hit game. Custom lobbies are open to everyone, so you can host private games with just four players. PC and PlayStation 4 players can all join. Players on both platforms can also be brought together in regular games (or shows).

Unfortunately, the crossplay functions are not completely ready. You can’t team up with friends across platforms just yet. However, cross-platform matchmaking and custom lobbies are important steps in getting everyone to play how they want together. Mediatonic recently postponed the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Fall Guys from this summer to ensure cross-play and other features can be added.

The update for season 4.5 is called “Dave”. Just Dave. Two new rounds (or levels) will be added: The Slimescraper, a sequel to Slime Climb, and Button Bashers, where players battle the best against the best. There will be 55 more variations that shake things up on 12 levels.

According to Mediatonic, when you grab objects or cover bars, latency has improved, and you can see your connection quality with an in-game indicator. There’s a new way to report potential scammers as well as some bug fixes.

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