GMC’s newly-unveiled Hummer EV SUV is 830HP of electric ‘supertruck’

The upcoming Hummer EV pickup won’t be the only “super truck” in the GMC fleet when it arrives next fall. On Saturday, the automaker presented its Hummer EV SUV variant, which dispenses with the open bed in favor of a closed cargo space and a tailgate assembly with an externally mounted spare wheel.


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The five-passenger Hummer SUV is expected to arrive in early 2023 with the 830 HP Edition 1. It will deliver an estimated range of 300 miles and will reach 60 mph from a dead stop in 3.5 seconds (only half a second slower than the pickup). and will retail for $ 105,595. The Ultium battery with 20 modules supplies three motors mounted on the front and rear axles with power and supports charging with 800 V at up to 300 kW. 22-inch rims are standard. An Edition 1 with the optional Extreme Off-Road package costs $ 110,595 and offers 18-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, underbody protection, eLocker in the front and virtual lockers in the rear, as well as the UltraVision camera system from GM.

Edition 1 will be followed in spring 2023 by the $ 93,995 EV3X with the same technical specifications as Edition 1, but not with the boastful rights of being one of the first. The $ 89,995 EV2X will also be available at dealerships in Spring 2023, offering up to 625 horsepower with 7,400 lbf of torque generated by a pair of axle motors and powered by the 20-module battery pack. There is no word yet about the 0-60 time. Eventually, the $ 79,995 EV2 will arrive in the spring of 2024, offering a range of 250 miles from a 400V 16-module battery. You can, however, opt for the 800 V 20 module package, which pushes the range back to over 300 miles, fine.

Like the pickup version, the Hummer EV SUV also has an extraction mode that raises the vehicle’s body 6 inches to remove obstacles. The widely acclaimed SuperCruise hands-free system, all-wheel steering and CrabWalk from GM allow the driver to move the vehicle at an angle without changing the direction of travel of the SUV. Pre-orders for the pickup and SUV are now available on the GMC website. Tune in on Monday April 5th as more details about the Hummer EV’s features and functionality are released.

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