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When summer is fast approaching and one of the strangest winters of all time finally fades like a bad taste in your mouth, you are sure to look forward to the flavors of the warmer months: smoky-sweet barbecue, savory lemonade and fresh greens and sun-loving vegetables and fruits like ripe tomatoes, sweet corn and delicious strawberries as well as juicy watermelons – all in the company of your friends and family under blue skies and warm, lazy sun.

What you’re probably not looking forward to is all of the work and time that summer grilling allows – going from market to market to buy just the right ingredients and produce at their best, the ingredients for the rubs and marinades to measure and prepare the meat, chop the salads, the portions exactly and everything else – while everyone else can hang out on the terrace with ice-cold margaritas and chat while the grill heats up. Well, Home Chef is here to make sure it’s you, the one who has the time to share your side of the “golf disaster” on the patio – without sacrificing the great taste and nutritious nutrients of a great summer meal. With Home Chef’s new summer menus, including Grill-Ready and Skinnytaste, you’ll become the neighborhood’s favorite new grill master and free time to enjoy the admiration instead of sweating for hours in a hot kitchen or over the flames. And for a limited time, CNN readers can save $ 90 using the CNN90 code.

With its planned, step-by-step recipes developed by professionals and dietitians, Home Chef makes it a breeze to have a solid meal plan for the week without worrying about old cookbooks or Google “healthy, tasty meals” and crossing your fingers The first blogger you stumble across actually knows what they’re doing in the kitchen. The staff’s chefs make sure you are working with delicious meals but that are reasonable and simple enough for someone who is still young in cooking. In the meantime, the nutritionists will ensure that the menus you choose meet your health goals and help you lose weight or meet your dietary restrictions. Plus, the chef’s meals are quick to prepare, so you can focus on your real priorities instead of worrying about the tofu draining properly.

As every grill master knows, it’s all about preparing to have the perfect cue experience – whether for a group of 20 or just the family. The chef takes all the chores out of the prep and only leaves you with the fun stuff. No need to write down a list of things to buy at the grocery store and then come back in the middle of the party because you forgot the brown sugar. You don’t have to throw away the vegetables with the rotten spots you somehow haven’t seen or cut out the grassy green onion stalks before you even start the cutting board. And you don’t have to pull out the scales and measure everything accurately because, as you know, even a little too much turmeric can ruin a dry rub. No, Home Chef takes care of all of that with perfectly divided ingredients. All you have to do is do the fun stuff: chopping, prep, and taking your rightful place as the lord and master of the barbecue while everyone cooing about your skills with a high flame and tongs. You will be delighted with dishes like sweet, flavorful chicken with cherry glaze and creamy, crispy white green cheddar beans, or a complex flavorful, sour and sweet piri piri chicken with a juicy sofrito crema.

And if you watch what you eat, you can be sure that Skinnytaste is the brainchild of Home Chef’s dietitians, who know you won’t be sticking to a low-calorie or low-carb meal unless it’s really great. Tasting. Skinnytaste stays ahead in this regard, with fresh, crunchy ingredients, healthy proteins, and just enough extra to satisfy your hunger and keep your taste buds entertained without blowing your calorie count or relying on bloated add-ons . We’re talking crispy, juicy salmon with a basil parmesan crust or a toothy turkey cheeseburger soup.

This summer should be about having fun – God knows you deserve a time to relax. Let the chef do all the hard stuff while you make the most of your time on the patio. And remember, as a CNN reader, you can get $ 90 off the chef-recommended meal plan.

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