Instagram starts rolling out an auto-caption sticker for Stories

With the introduction of automatic captioning for stories, Instagram is taking a step forward to improve accessibility. Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared a video of the feature in action.

There is a new sticker called CC Subtitle that you can add to your story. When you do this, the app will transcribe the audio. You have the option to change the font of your subtitles. However, Instagram did not exactly transcribe Navarra’s story and confused “finally” with “find”.

This step is a huge benefit in terms of accessibility, especially for those who are hard of hearing. It could be useful for those who also speak different languages. There are third-party services Instagram users can use to add captions, but a built-in auto-captioning tool could translate the text. Engadget has contacted Instagram for more information on this feature, including rollout plans.

Some other platforms already support automatic subtitles, e.g. B. YouTube. There are similar functions on the way to Zoom and Twitter.

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