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Much has changed in the last decade of instant photography, but the box-like structure of instant cameras has remained more or less intact. Modern instant shooters have scaled down and applied a variety of calming pastels, but they’re not exactly sleek.

Lo and behold, Polaroid – the new Polaroid, not the old Polaroid – has done something. The company says its newest camera, the Polaroid Go, is the world’s smallest instant analog camera. And you know, yeah, it really looks pretty small.

How small is small? It is 4.1 cm long, 2.4 cm tall and a little over 3 cm wide. The Go is undoubtedly tiny, but it has a handful of useful features, including a selfie timer, selfie mirror, and the ability to take dreamy double exposures.

In the promo photos, the Polaroid models hold it like a delicate canapé or casually carry it with a few delicate fingers while it dangles from various stylish-looking accessories (camera straps? Necklaces?). The company really wants people to wear this thing it seems, and I’m not beyond that anyway.

Credit: Polaroid

With the Go, Polaroid is continuing the kind of annoying film, but I think the instant photography trend is to create a new film format, which in this case is basically a miniaturized version of its iconic old school square film. And while the camera is still small, TechCrunch’s tiny camera haver and upcoming review writer Devin Coldewey says you don’t lose much in size when you shoot it when compared to something like the Instax Mini.

Polaroid claims the Go represents “the most significant and exciting change to the Polaroid form factor in decades” and is probably not wrong. The company’s unlikely return from the dead was probably more exciting, but we don’t mean to undermine how cute this thing is. Let’s just hope it takes pictures well.

The Polaroid Go will join the Polaroid Now, its standard though it’s now a terribly bloated sibling, and the OneStep +, which combines digital and analog and connects to a phone via Bluetooth. It’s pre-ordered now and costs $ 100. This is the same amount you would pay for a regular old new Polaroid camera. But why would you

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