Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker review

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If you want to upgrade your morning cup of coffee – and don’t want a drip maker or French press letting too many reasons float around – it’s time to go the old way: a moka pot.

Full Disclosure: We’re big fans of moka pots, having previously sung the praises of the Bellemain moka pot and touting how the (rather expensive) Alessi Pulcina moka pot makes the tastiest and most sturdy cups of espresso for the home .

Now we’re here to talk about the Milano Stovetop espresso machine ($ 27; While it doesn’t make coffee as sturdy as the Alessi – it’s a little less viscous and just a little less strong – you would have to be a real coffee snob to really tell the difference. For a fraction of the price, the Milano still produces flavorful coffee. Whether it was a dark roast for our morning cappuccino or a lighter roast for our afternoon jerk, the taste was beyond what most drip coffees (or single servings) produce.

With this 6-cup Milano Moka pot you get two decent types of coffee from one infusion or six small espressos.

And while Moka pots like the cult favorite Bialetti (and even the Alessi) are a little too close to the body and therefore tend to get a little too hot, the MIlano is built so that the handle sticks out further from the body, so there is no waiting from the time the brew is finished to pour yourself a cup.

You can purchase the Milano Stovetop espresso machine for $ 27 at Better yet, use code MILANO3 at checkout for an additional $ 3.

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