Relaxing behind the wheel of Mercedes’ autonomous Drive Pilot

The dream of autonomous driving everywhere is still a long way off. But soon Mercedes Drive Pilot, its level 3 autonomous driving system, will be launched in Germany for the S-Class and the EQS. We got the chance to try the system out on the automaker’s test track and while it did what it was supposed to, we found it hard to turn our driving brains off at the wheel.

The system works on freeways in traffic at speeds of up to 60 km / h (37 mph). Essentially, it’s for your daily commute. But during this time the driver can stop paying attention and the Mercedes is responsible for everything that happens. That doesn’t mean you can take a nap, the vehicle will still track the driver with an in-car monitor and will require the driver to take over if they are going faster than 60 km / h, an emergency vehicle shows up, it is raining or … other situations the vehicle is not built for. But you can play tetris and write to people. So that’s fun. Check out our video for the full story.

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