Roku will stream every episode of ‘This Old House’ for free

Roku’s search for unique programming may have made it a focal point for home renovation fans. . reports that Roku bought the rights to This Old House, including its 1,500+ episodes and even the television studio. While it has already streamed past episodes of TOH and Ask This Old House for free on the Roku Channel, it is now ready to show the current seasons of both shows after they aired on PBS.

The company is in the “prime” stage so it may take a while before you see the full fruits of the business. The TOH management team also makes the leap. It’s not sure how much Roku paid, but a deadline source said it wasn’t enough to hit the $ 100 million milestone that requires regulatory filing.

It’s easy to see why Roku took this step – it paid a relatively modest amount for a huge library of well-known programming that might attract viewers. You may be more likely to buy a streaming device or Roku TV (or at least download the Roku Channel app) knowing you can watch some home improvement episodes. Don’t be surprised if Roku continues to make similar deals, especially with free-watch rivals like Tubi pulling on their own content.

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