Spectrum TV is back on Roku devices over half a year after it was pulled

Charter Spectrum customers could not download the Spectrum TV app from Roku’s channel store unless they had already done so in December. The two companies were unable to agree on the contract extension, which resulted in Roku pulling the app from its store to prevent new downloads. Now it looks like they finally got to negotiate a deal that works for both of them as the Spectrum TV app is back on the Roku Channel Store. All customers need to do to access the live and on-demand content is log in with their charter broadband account credentials.

When the app was taken out of the store, Spectrum said Roku had “still” not accepted its offer to extend the contract [its] Efforts. “The company then announced to customers that they can still access the app on their phones and tablets, as well as Samsung TV, Apple TV and Xbox. However, a Roku spokesman said in a statement that they are” working “together to achieve a positive and mutually beneficial distribution agreement. ”

The companies didn’t reveal the details of the new deal, but what’s important is that subscribers can now download the Spectrum TV app after eight months. They emailed customers, “We’re pleased to announce that Roku and Charter Communications have renewed our agreement to distribute the Spectrum TV channel on your Roku device.”

Customers can find the channels available through the app on the Spectrum website. The list includes Bravo, CNN, CNBC, Fox, NFL, SyFy, NatGeo, and HBO Max, though accessibility depends on their subscription.

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