Practical gifts for Valentine’s Day

Practical gifts for Valentine's Day

(CNN) – Valentine’s Day isn’t usually associated with practical gifts – it’s an opportunity usually seen as the time to get tall (jewelry!), Sexy (lingerie!), Or indulgent (chocolate and red wine!). But this Valentine’s Day you might want to put function above imagination and buy a gift for your sweetheart that they will enjoy all … Read more

Gifts for cooks for Valentine’s Day

Gifts for cooks for Valentine's Day

(CNN) – For some couples, their language of love is food, and that often extends to preparing delicious meals and treats in the kitchen. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you’re shopping for a couple or part of a romantic gourmet pairing, we spoke to the Boston Harbor Hotel chef and Boston Wine Festival founder Daniel … Read more

Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Valentine's Day

(CNN) – Couples who are used to spending time apart know the importance of getting creative. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to harness that creativity with a gift that will make them smile and think of you wherever you are. From synchronized technical and cozy accessories to imaginative twists and turns of tried and … Read more