The first three ‘Final Fantasy’ pixel remasters arrive on July 28th

In three weeks, you’ll be able to play the remastered pixel versions of the first three Final Fantasy games. Square Enix has announced that the remasters of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III will be available on July 28th for PC via Steam and on July 29th for Android and iOS. You can now pre-order the games individually for prices between $ 12 and $ 18, or buy the bundle with all six games for around $ 96. You get three soundtracks and two unique background images for each track you pre-purchase. The gaming giant doesn’t have a specific release date for the fourth through sixth installments of the franchise yet, but they’re set to come out later this year as well.

Square Enix first announced during its E3 presentation in mid-June that the first six games in the Final Fantasy franchise would receive the Pixel remaster treatment, though it barely disclosed any details about it. In the description box of the first part of Steam it is stated that the game will offer completely new graphics as well as “improved game-friendliness” with a modernized user interface and automatic combat options. The soundtrack was rearranged, but the process was overseen by the original composer Nobuo Uematsu. In addition, it will be equipped with additional functions such as a bestiary, a picture gallery and a music player.

While the other three games to be remastered don’t have a release date yet, Square Enix recently announced that the current versions of the fifth and sixth installments will be withdrawn from Steam on July 27th. The developer received a lot of criticism for reducing the quality of the graphics of the games originally released on Steam, so it makes sense that the remasters should completely replace them.

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