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There is no question that we are in love with Truff. Whether it’s the branded hot sauce or a tempting pasta sauce, we can’t get enough of the truffle-infused goodies. When we heard that a new mayonnaise was on the horizon, we dropped everything so we could try.

Truff’s new mayo comes in two decadent flavors: a standard truffle blend and a spicy mayo, both available now ($ 24.99 for a two-pack; We both try new mayos with a large plate of fries and even a turkey bread and in short, they are delicious.

We have some pretty strong loyalties to a specific Japanese mayonnaise, but Truff’s spread is a tasty alternative that can elevate almost anything you spread it on. The truffle flavor comes through boldly without being overwhelming and goes well with the richness of the mayo. When you try it, you really think it’s a spice in a fancy pub, along with a $ 25 burger.

Both mayos are gluten-free and made from organic eggs and sunflower oil, creating a smooth and creamy consistency. This tasted particularly delicious with the subtle kick that the red jalapeños give the spicy mayo. The spice is light in color and provides just enough warmth to add nice depth to whatever you put on it. We’ll definitely be spreading it across any future burgers and sandwiches we make.

The subtle and delightful truffle flavors of these mayos can turn even the most bland sandwich into a gourmet meal. We imagine that one of Truff’s newest condiments would be awesome on a BLT or a juicy burger, and both would make a killer aioli. While the spreads are a little expensive, the depth of flavor you get can’t match any standard supermarket mayo.

So, if you’re tired of those boring, tasteless spreads and need an early start to your lazy lunches, you can grab a flavored double pack or even a combo pack for $ 24.99 on the Truff website now.

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