Twitter fixes bug that disabled ‘latest tweets’ timeline for some web users

An unfortunate mistake today led some people to believe Twitter removed the switch to toggle between an algorithmic and chronological feed while using its web client. Throughout the day, people used the service to tweet their frustration when they found that the star icon that you can use to switch between the two feeds was missing from their UI.

Corrected tweets in chronological order on the web – the option to first switch the timeline view on the home page to the latest tweets has been removed for some of you on the web. We fixed this and the option should now be available again to everyone.

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) June 29, 2021

The bug only seems to have affected a few people, but that hasn’t stopped some outlets from reporting, based on an old support document, Twitter has completely removed the latest Tweets view from its website. Kayvon Beykpour and Twitter’s official support account later delved into the situation, stating that it was a software issue that the company has since fixed.

The fact that so many were upset by this episode shows how badly people want to see Tweets in the order they were sent. Many depend on the platform’s chronological timeline to keep track of groundbreaking events. That’s what Twitter finally realized in 2018 when it started testing a way for people to switch between the two feeds.

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