Twitter now lets you change who can reply to your tweets

Last year, Twitter introduced a few changes that made it easier to choose how to reply to Tweets and manage who can reply to your Tweets. Now a new feature is added that can help you make sure your answer area is clean and friendly. Using the social network, you can now change who can reply to your tweets, even if you have already sent them. All you have to do is tap the ellipsis button in the top right corner of your post and select the “Change who can reply” option.

In August last year, the company removed its response-limiting function from the experimentation phase and made it available to all users. On this rollout, you were able to choose who could reply to you – everyone, people you follow, or people you mention – before sending your tweet. This addition gives you even more control over the discussion in your answer area.

The new feature is likely part of the platform’s efforts to “improve the health of public conversation,” what Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey previously described as his company’s sole goal. As you can imagine, being able to choose who can answer you has been controversial with some users, but it could also limit the toxic behavior you encounter on the platform.

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