Twitter’s latest round of updates are about to hit your DMs

Twitter is rolling out several optimizations to its direct messaging functionality, with the improvements expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks. To get started, you can now share the same tweet with up to 20 different accounts separately. As the company points out, this is an improvement that should result in less accidental group chats. The feature is currently being rolled out to iOS and web users, with an expansion to Android “soon” to follow.

There are some DM improvements coming your way over the next few weeks.

We have easier sharing of tweets, better navigation in a conversation and more … (1/5)

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) August 19, 2021

On mobile devices, the company is also adding a quick scroll button so that you can quickly jump to the latest message in a conversation when looking at past correspondence. As an iOS owner, you’ll also find that Twitter cleaned up timestamps by grouping messages by date. Also, when you long press something someone sends you there is a new response choice.

While none of the tweaks announced by Twitter today are groundbreaking, they are still handy. They should also be less controversial than the font change the company pushed for last week.

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