Vudu has arrived on Amazon’s Fire TV platform

Last year, Walmart sold its mostly video-on-demand video service Vudu to Fandango, and now, after not working on Amazon’s Fire TV platform for many years, the app has finally reached one of the few devices it still runs on not true. Vudu has always specialized in delivering high quality movies and TV shows, even if you needed a $ 400 box to access them.

While Fire TV naturally includes Amazon’s own video-on-demand store, the availability of Vudu means users can stream 4K and HDR content from another source, as well as enjoying the various sales and even free ad streaming. In a statement, Kevin Shepela, Managing Director of Fandango said, “With Vudu’s extensive library of premium content, from new releases to favorite movies and TV shows, we’re excited to bring so many new viewing options to Fire TV users see them in their living room – many in stunning 4K. “

The announcement also noted “double-digit” growth in new customers in 2020 – you hope so many people will watch movies at home – compared to last year. Coupled with that introduction and the fact that Vudu recently became available on Comcast’s set-top boxes, it hopefully means good things about its future under new ownership. The pace of developing new features for Vudu has always been relatively slow, and while the user interface is consistent, it hasn’t changed much in many years. Therefore, anyone with a content library stored on the service will benefit from the fact that it will continue to grow.

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