VW teases larger ID.6 electric SUV ahead of auto show debut

VW has another round of electric vehicles in the pipeline and isn’t waiting until the official launch to give a hint of what to expect. According to Autoblog, the automaker teased the ID.6 electric SUV ahead of its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 21. The seven-seat EV will be larger than the ID.4 and come in two versions, the ID. 6 X and ID 6 Crozz. However, the pictures show that it won’t be as fancy as the Roomzz concept from 2019 – VW dropped the sliding doors in favor of more conventional entrances.

While VW hasn’t officially shared the specs, Chinese approval leaks suggest you’re getting the same level of performance as the ID.4. You get 201 HP from a rear engine with the standard ID.6 and around 302 HP for a two-engine all-wheel drive model.

The company has clarified that ID.6 X and Crozz are intended for the Chinese market. Don’t despair if you want this bigger electric people tug. VW previously announced to Automotive News that an ID.6 model may reach the US. That wouldn’t be surprising. The American auto market loves SUVs, and the ID.4 can only satisfy local tastes as much as a compact crossover can. More spacious machines like the ID.6 could reach a lot more buyers.

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