‘Yes, this is really happening’: Xbox Series X Mini Fridge coming out this holiday season

It’s the toughest running joke in the world: Microsoft’s Xbox Series X-themed mini-fridge will go on sale later this year.

Fans and journalists have been saying for over a year that the Series X, the deluxe version of Microsoft’s latest Xbox console, is more like a mini-fridge – or a brick or a 2001 monolith: A Space Odyssey – than a Video game looks system. Now Microsoft has leaned on it with its latest gaming accessories.

In April, the Xbox Skittles narrowly won a Twitter competition called “Brand Bracket”. Microsoft GM Aaron Greenberg had previously promised that if Xbox won, they would make official Xbox Mini refrigerators.

Now Microsoft is pulling through. In a particularly bombastic trailer, he promises to “leave others cold” with his new Lookalike Series X cooler, the “most powerful mini fridge in the world”.

The mini-refrigerator is shown large enough to hold at least nine cans of your chosen beverage cold and, like Halo Infinite, will debut at an unspecified time in Holiday 2021.

The mockup unit in the trailer has a black exterior over an interior compartment painted in the disgusting neon green that used to be the brand color of the Xbox, with a glowing Xbox icon in the upper left corner. It also has the X Series speaker-style vents at the top, though the fridges are there purely for style reasons.

No pricing, other features, or other details have been confirmed. It’s also not known if this will be a limited collector’s deal or if Microsoft is just getting into the themed device business right now. Maybe with the beer you can comfortably follow the S series. Who knows?

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