12-foot python on the loose after escape at Louisiana mall

A 12-foot python escaped from an enclosure in Louisiana’s largest mall on Tuesday and remains at large.

Cara, a yellow and white Burmese python, has reportedly escaped at the Blue Zoo in the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.

The Blue Zoo, which describes itself as an “interactive aquarium,” confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that Cara was still at large after experts and officials, including local firefighters and police, spent hours looking for the creature on Tuesday.

“We brought in several snake experts to help with the search, in addition to an animal tracker that worked with us all evening and overnight,” said the Blue Zoo on Facebook.

The interactive aquarium added that it “bought night vision cameras to see more difficult areas” and motion sensor cameras. Plumbing and HVAC companies are also using additional cameras to catch the line.

The Blue Zoo announced that it has “seen evidence that Cara has moved in our ceiling room”, but that it will be closed to visitors on Wednesday “for her safety”.

“We all love Cara and her commitment and passion for her return is evident,” she added.

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The Mall of Louisiana was open to shoppers on Wednesday.

The snake is not venomous, The Associated Press reported. The Blue Zoo said in a statement Tuesday that Cara is a “friendly snake who enjoys their time interacting with guests during our snake education shows.”

The Blue Zoo confirmed to USA TODAY that Cara is unlikely to leave the aquarium area, but there are cameras in the mall’s vents.

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