After raising $150 million in equity and debt, Nature’s Fynd opens its fungus food for pre-orders – TechCrunch

Nature’s Fynd, the food technology company with a new range of foods grown from mushrooms in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park, is making its first products available for pre-order.

Nature’s Fynd had managed to attract some serious investors, including Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management and Bill Gates-backed mutual fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures. The company most recently raised $ 80 million in its most recent funding round.

The company is part of a wave of innovative products that use a range of bacteria, fungi and plants to make meat alternatives. In the past year, companies developing meat alternatives have raised well over $ 1 billion in funding, and investors are showing no signs of slowing their commitments to the industry.

The commercial launch of the Fy Breakfast Bundle, vegan and GMO-free alternatives to traditional breakfast products, will be the first commercial test for Nature’s Fynd to hit the market.

These limited release bundles are available for $ 14.99 plus shipping, according to the company. The products will be available in the 48 contiguous US states.

The company’s product is grown using fermentation technology to cultivate the bacteria that Nature’s Fynd chief scientists discovered while studying organisms in Yellowstone National Park.

Nature’s Fynd promotes the resilience and efficiency of the microbes discovered, resulting in a more sustainable production process that uses a fraction of the land, water and energy resources required for traditional animal husbandry.

“We choose optimism in order to do more with less. With our novel liquid-air surface fermentation technology, we create a range of sustainable foods that nourish our bodies and look after our planet for generations to come. We are very excited to be at the beginning of this journey with the launch of our very first limited edition Fy Breakfast Bundles, ”said Thomas Jonas, CEO of Nature’s Fynd. “We have researched our consumers thoroughly and know that Fy’s unique versatility, which offers great-tasting meat and milk alternatives for every occasion, is very attractive.”

Thomas Jonas, CEO of Nature’s Fynd. Photo credit: Nature’s Fynd

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