Arcadia steps in to Texas’ startup energy market with the acquisition of Real Simple Energy – TechCrunch

On the third biggest TV show of all time (sorry Rolling Stone), one of the most famous fictional soccer players in Texas once said, “When all the scared rats leave a sinking market, a real entrepreneur comes in – a real visionary. ”

If so, then renewable energy startup retailer Arcadia may be a true visionary. Even if energy startups serving customers across the state of Texas are being forced to throw in the towel, the Washington-based, consumer-focused renewable energy utility (based on open market renewable energy certificates) is making an acquisition to enter The Texas market.

The company buys Real Simple Energy, which not only marks the company’s availability in all 50 states, but also gives Real Simple Energy customers access to wind and solar power generation projects. The company said it will leverage Real Simple Energy’s platform and expertise to secure the best prices for members, monitor better savings, and deliver a smarter yet simpler energy experience.

“Recent events in the Texas market prove that customers shouldn’t be exposed to wholesale or floating rates and that an energy lawyer should protect them,” said Kiran Bhatraju, CEO and founder of Arcadia. “Both Arcadia and Real Simple Energy recognize the past challenges Texas homeowners and renters have faced in purchasing energy, and we continue to strive to remove those confusing barriers.”

Texans have consistently paid more for electricity than consumers who buy their energy from regulated market participants thanks to the state’s catastrophically deregulated electricity markets. The combined companies offer Texas consumers fixed-rate contracts that are not prone to bill spikes but offer average savings above the flat rates offered by regulated utility companies.

“The deregulated power industry, especially in Texas, has underserved customers, and as a result, most customers overpay for electricity and get poor customer service. We use technology to help customers deliver on the promise of deregulation and always get the best fixed prices available, ”said Trent Crow, CEO of Real Simple Energy, in a statement. “As industry veterans, working with Arcadia enables us to achieve better deals for customers and improve our customer experience. We manage 100% of the energy experience and become the customer’s independent agent and advocate so they never have to worry about their electricity bills again. “

The deal is Arcadia’s first acquisition and follows the launch of a collaborative solar program across the state of Maine.

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