‘Borderlands’ developer Gearbox is merging with publishing giant Embracer

This isn’t the only big thing. Embracer has also acquired Aspyr Media, which is best known for porting games to the Mac (including Borderlands) and consoles, as well as for publishing. The $ 100 million deal places Aspyr under Saber Interactive and is designed to help Aspyr acquire more licenses while leveraging Saber’s existing portfolio of licensed gaming features. In other words, Embracer sees Aspyr as a goal – especially when it expands its horizons with an undisclosed “game development project” valued at $ 70 million.

The combined deals could make Embracer a more powerful force in the gaming world. While it certainly has some well-known titles, including the Metro series Dead by Daylight and even Goat Simulator, it’s not a powerhouse at the Activision, EA or Ubisoft level. Gearbox and Aspyr are helping Embracer move closer to that goal, especially as they enable future acquisitions.

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