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If you hit the hashtag #brightlandoliveoil on Instagram, you will be treated to many delicious, healthy-looking meals, frame by frame, from Brightland’s beautifully designed bottles. It’s hard not to get hungry just looking at the oil that is drizzled on cheese and thrown into salads and pasta.

The California-based brand, which goes direct to the consumer, sources its heirloom olives from family-run California farms. The olives are harvested early and have a different taste than many extra virgin olive oils. The olives are then pressed into olive oil without the addition of artificial preservatives or fillers, and Brightland calls the oils “straight from the earth”.

I tried Brightland’s new garlic-flavored olive oil called Rosette, as well as its flagship blends Alive and Awake. Alive is a smoother mix to be enjoyed in salad dressings, baked goods, and desserts, according to the brand, while Awake is a heavier mix meant for heartier dishes like pasta, chicken, fried vegetables, and roasts.

PHOTO: Tanya Edwards / CNN

Brightland’s Awake, Alive and Rosette bottles

I’m a cooking enthusiast and one of my favorite things about Brightland oils is the 410 degree Fahrenheit smoke point which is clearly printed on the bottle and lets you know how hot to apply the oil before it burns.

But beyond the beautiful and helpful packaging, you’re probably wondering how Brightland’s olive oils taste.

First I opened the rosette and sniffed it. You can definitely smell the garlic infusion, and a quick taste gave me a smooth garlic flavor mixed with a nicely rounded olive oil. Of course, I decided to turn it into the famous TikTok feta pasta recipe that has been spreading around the internet recently. I tossed the oil in a baking dish with tomatoes, peppers and feta cheese and tossed it in the oven.

The Rosette Brightland oil in TikTok's famous feta noodle

PHOTO: Tanya Edwards / CNN

The Rosette Brightland oil in TikTok’s famous feta noodle

Here I discovered what I don’t like about the bottles the oils are in. The pouring is not great. It comes out quick and almost every time I use it there was a drizzle on the side of the bottle. Fortunately, it’s an issue that can be easily resolved with a bottle pourer ($ 7.90 for a two-pack; that I already had on hand. Brightland also sells a gold spout for $ 9.

The drop on the side of the Brightland bottle

PHOTO: Tanya Edwards / CNN

The drop on the side of the Brightland bottle

The dish came out great and the rosette oil added nice depth to the TikTok famous dish. I didn’t get too much garlic flavor from the oil when I cooked with it, but later I drizzled it – and the Awake and Alive oils – over ricotta cheese on toast and got clear notes of garlic. My husband found it a little less garlicky than I did, but enjoyed the nutty taste. The Alive is a better finish than the Awake, which is more suitable for cooking.


PHOTO: Tanya Edwards / CNN

Brightlands Olive Oil over Ricotta Toast

Next I tried making a simple tabbouleh salad of bulgur wheat with cucumber and tomato with the Alive, and it was the perfect addition to the fresh salad. I usually use a good quality Italian olive oil for making salads, and Brightland’s Alive was a nice change of pace with a bright, crisp taste that got the most out of the veggies and mixed well with the feta cheese I topped my salad with .

Finally, I baked some chicken breast with a marinade with the awake and a little salt and pepper. I usually use a simple Trader Joe’s olive oil when preparing the meal, but I swapped it for the awake and it made a huge difference in moisture and taste. Because of the higher smoke point, I was able to give the chicken a nice crispness, and Awake gave it a rich, nutty taste.


PHOTO: Brightland

Brightland’s Awake Olive Oil

I will keep all three bottles rotating in my kitchen and definitely consider making them part of my cooking routine. I’ll likely stick with a cheaper bottle for midweek meal prep, but Brightland is great for special meals and makes a fantastic gift for your favorite foodie.

You can purchase Awake and Alive separately or together as The Duo for $ 74. Alternatively, if you’re looking to save money, you can subscribe to delivery ($ 65) every one, two, or three months to make sure you always have those beautiful-looking and tasting bottles on hand.

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