Chicago police officer killed during traffic stop, another wounded

  • The suspects in the shooting were taken into custody.
  • The deceased officer is a 29-year-old woman.
  • She is the first Chicago officer in almost two years to be fatally shot while on duty.

A Chicago police officer was dead and another fought for his life after a shooting at a traffic stop on Sunday, authorities said.

Eric Carter, the police’s first assistant superintendent, said officers stopped a vehicle occupied by two men and one woman late Saturday when officers were shot. The officers returned fire and hit a person in the vehicle. This person was hospitalized in stable condition. The other two inmates were arrested, Carter said.

Officers were rushed to the University of Chicago hospital, but one officer died from her wounds, Carter said. A gun was found at the scene, he added.

“Chicago mourns one of its bravest and best,” said Carter. “And we have another office that is fighting and fighting for its life.”

‘Protection of every single resident’: Chicago approves civil police oversight

Carter said a gun was found at the scene and the investigation into the shootings was ongoing.

“It’s just another example of how the Chicago police and these officers put their lives above others’ to protect this city day in and day out,” Carter said.

The officer, whose name was not immediately disclosed, was 29 years old, authorities said. She is the first Chicago police officer to be fatally shot on duty since November 2018. In this case, Officer Samuel Jimenez was fatally shot and killed during a rampage run by a gunman at Mercy Hospital, which also killed a doctor and a pharmacist.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she spent time with the family of the late official, whom she described as “very young at work but incredibly enthusiastic”.

“Our hearts ache at the loss of life,” said Lightfoot. “This is a very tragic and sad day for our city.”

The shooting rocked a department that has been the target of numerous protests in recent years accused of corruption and wrongdoing by officials. Last month, city leaders approved a new level of civil police oversight – a seven-member community public safety and accountability commission.

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