Nike’s latest FlyEase shoe slips on without zippers, laces or straps

Since 2015, Nike has released accessible performance shoes under its FlyEase line, and the new FlyEase Go goes one step further. This not only replaces the laces with a zipper and a strap, but in contrast to the shoe developed for Seattle LB Shaquem Griffin, it doesn’t even need a hand to put on.


Thanks to a bistable hinge and a midsole tensioner, the shoe is strong enough to be worn for sports activities or casual wear, but can sit on your foot hands-free. Whether it’s disabilities preventing you from bending over and loosening fasteners, or simply stepping out of your shoe at the end of the day without touching it, this sneaker has a different fitness beat beat.

Gallery: Nike FlyEase Go | 5 photos

Gallery: Nike FlyEase Go | 5 photos

Getting it on is just a matter of stepping into the shoe as the hinge and stretcher do all the work. To take them off, hold the “kickstand” heel with your other foot and step out of the shoe. According to Nike, the FlyEase Go will cost $ 120 when it goes on sale to “select” members starting February 15, before rolling out further later this year.

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