Oculus Quest 2 owners can start testing wireless PC VR gaming with Air Link

The $ 299 Oculus Quest 2 VR headset from Facebook gets even more powerful thanks to a new software update that allows PC VR games to be streamed over WiFi. After upgrading to version 28, Air Link allows wearers full freedom of movement without being tied to a USB-C cable and is initially only available as an experimental feature.

According to Oculus, your play area “ideally” is within 20 feet of your router. So plan accordingly, then go to the beta settings in the PC app and turn on Air Link.

Other tweaks concern the refresh rate, which defaults to 90 Hz and for certain games. However, after the update, update rates of up to 120 Hz are allowed for native apps. There aren’t any apps that actually use the new setting yet, and so far this doesn’t work for Oculus Link titles, although it will later.


Finally, the Infinite Office feature improves, as you can map and save a virtual desk over your real-world furniture, and pair a Logitech K830 keyboard so that it appears 3D rendered in VR (together with your hands) as you type in real life.

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