Reaction to the Guilty Verdict in Chauvin Trial

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Responding to the guilty verdict in the chauvinistic process

Crowds of downtown Minneapolis cheered and sang George Floyd’s name after the verdict was pronounced.

“He reads it. He’s looking at it right now. Do you see Gigi? “(Crowd cheers)” Yes! Yes! ” “Yes! But still no justice.” (Cheers) “George Floyd! George Floyd! George Floyd! George Floyd! “” I’m overwhelmed because I have a son, and if that were my son crying out for me, I would want justice too. “” This is just the beginning. “(Whistling)” Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes ! Yes!” “We still can’t breathe! Now we need justice for Daunte Wright! “(Honking)” This is the Minnesota I know! ” “Yes!” “This is historical, this is historical.” “Yes!”

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