Hitting the Books: How Richard Browning took to the sky like Iron Man

Richard Browning, Chief Test Pilot and CEO of Gravity Industries, wears a Jet Suit and flies during a demonstration flight at Bentwaters Park, Woodbridge, Britain, October 4, 2018. REUTERS/Chris Radburn           TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The 21st century has promised us flying cars, but when we get personal missile packages, who should we complain about? In Take on Gravity, pilot Richard Browning talks about the development of his unique jet suit, from a fantastic idea to an actual invention. In the following excerpt, Browning recalls the record flight in 2017 … Read more

Hitting the Books: Kenya’s digital divide is hampering its mobile money revolution

reimagining money

While mobile money apps have been slow to gain acceptance in the US, they’ve taken other nations like Sweden, China and especially Kenya by storm, enabling people for whom conventional banking has remained out of reach new ways to send, receive and invest their hard-earned cash. In Reimagining Money: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution, … Read more

Hitting the Books: The continuing controversies surrounding e-cig safety

Virale BS

Obwohl weltweit immer noch mehr als eine Milliarde Menschen Zigaretten rauchen, verfügen Menschen, die die Gewohnheit aufgeben möchten, über eine immer größere Auswahl an modernen Hilfstechniken und -technologien. Unter den Gesprächstherapien und transdermalen Nikotinpflastern hat jedoch möglicherweise keine Hilfe zur Raucherentwöhnung einen größeren Einfluss auf die Pop- und Mainstream-Kultur gehabt als E-Zigaretten. In Viral BS: … Read more