Boston Dynamics’ robots can parkour better than you

Jon Fingas

Don’t expect an easy escape if one of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robots is ever chasing you. Hyundai’s own company shared a video (below) showing the humanoid bots successfully completing a parkour routine on an obstacle course for the first time. The two Atlas machines jumped gaps, arched bars, and even coordinated a backflip without missing … Read more

Master & Dynamic’s MW08 Sport earbuds offer a better fit and wireless charging for $349

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

In March, Master & Dynamic introduced the MW08, its best true wireless earbuds to date. Like the company with its MW07 model, another version of the MW08 is making its debut today. The MW08 Sport has all of the features that make the MW08 so good, including 12 hours of battery life, great sound quality, … Read more