Master & Dynamic’s MW08 Sport earbuds offer a better fit and wireless charging for $349

In March, Master & Dynamic introduced the MW08, its best true wireless earbuds to date. Like the company with its MW07 model, another version of the MW08 is making its debut today. The MW08 Sport has all of the features that make the MW08 so good, including 12 hours of battery life, great sound quality, and improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This new sports option is made of different materials, has more earplugs in the box and comes with a wireless charging case. However, the surcharges add $ 50 to the price.

Instead of the ceramic-aluminum combination we saw with the MW08, the MW08 Sport combines the metal accents with sapphire crystal. Master & Dynamic says the new material is scratch and break resistant, which the company believes gives these earbuds the ability to “withstand any workout.” Like the previous version, the MW08 Sport is IPX5 certified, which means that it should withstand a sweat session without any problems. There are also some changes to the charging case of the MW08 Sport. The company’s famous shiny stainless steel was a fingerprint magnet, and it didn’t take much to reveal scratches. This material has been replaced by Kevlar fiber, so that the housing has a tactile soft-touch coating with a black and gray pattern. And of course it should also be more durable.

Master & Dynamism

More importantly, the included case now supports wireless charging, which is likely the main reason for the price increase. As you’d expect, Master & Dynamic created their own pad to support this feature, an accessory that will debut alongside the MW08 Sport for $ 69 (€ 69 / £ 59). The company says that even charging the case wirelessly does 50 percent in 30 minutes, and a full charge takes just over an hour and a half. Compare that to 15 minutes for a half an hour or an hour for a full charge with a USB-C cable. The charging times of the earphones in the case are unchanged compared to the MW08: 50 percent in 15 minutes and one hour for a full charge.

The last big change for the MW08 Sport is the choice of earplugs. Like the MW08, Master & Dynamic gives you five sets of silicone tips to help you find the best fit. For the sports model, the company also offers two sizes of foam tips that offer a more secure fit when exercising. Based on my experience with the MW08 Sport over the past week, the foam tips are also more comfortable than the silicone options.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

Master & Dynamism

Inside, the MW08 Sport is unchanged from the MW08. The earphones are equipped with 11mm beryllium-coated drivers to amplify their outstanding sound. Dual-mode ANC returns, giving you the option of blocking out as much of the world as possible (ANC Max) or setting it up for “less loud” parts (All Day ANC). The company’s two ambient sound modes are also back, with one suitable for conversations and the other for general use. The only downside is that you still have to select your ANC and Ambient sound mode in the Mater & Dynamic app. The built-in controls don’t toggle between the two, but instead activate your last selection when you turn on either noise cancellation or ambient mode through the earbuds.

The battery life is also unchanged, and that’s a good thing. The MW08 Sport offers 12 hours of battery life on the buds even with an additional 30 hours in the charging case.

The new materials, additional earbuds, and wireless charging bring the cost of the MW08 Sport up to $ 349. That’s $ 50 more than the MW08. In addition to black and white colors similar to the MW08, marine and green options are available for the MW08 Sport. Both the new earbuds and the wireless charging pad (MC100) are available starting today on the company’s website.

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Gallery: Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport | 28 photos

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