Google Nest Mini review | CNN Underscored

Google Nest Mini review | CNN Underscored

CNN — „Hey Google, spiel Musik auf Spotify.“ Diese sechs Wörter spreche ich mindestens einmal am Tag mit meinem Nest Mini, normalerweise wenn ich ins Badezimmer gehe, um mich auf eine epische Dusche zum Mitsingen vorzubereiten. Innerhalb von ein oder zwei Sekunden bekomme ich solide Audioaufnahmen meiner traurigen Lieblings-Indie-Songs und lauten Pop-Punk-Jams sowie die Möglichkeit, … Read more

Google delays mandatory return to office until January 2022

Jon Fingas

Google is again postponing the return to personal work. CEO Sundar Pichai told employees the company was postponing the mandatory return to office until January 2022. The current voluntary program will last until January 10th. From then on, Google’s offices will decide when (and if) office work becomes mandatory. Staff will be notified 30 days … Read more

Google reportedly offered Netflix a special discount on Play Store fees

Jon Fingas

Google has been accused of playing favorites in treating Android app developers. The Verge reports that a recently unsealed consumer lawsuit against Google is being offered the company to make a “significantly reduced” cut in revenue from Netflix’s Play Store in an attempt to quell “the streaming giant’s displeasure.” Netflix, Spotify, and Tinder all reportedly … Read more

President Biden is meeting with Apple, Google and Microsoft on cybersecurity

Jon Fingas

The US has suffered a spate of major cyberattacks targeting everyone from federal prosecutors to meat suppliers, and the White House is hoping some talks with key companies will lead to long-term security solutions. The Washington Post reports that President Biden, certain cabinet members and relevant security officials are holding talks with technology giants ADP, … Read more

Google will tailor Play Store ratings based on location starting in November

Igor Bonifacic

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, there is a good chance that you will check out user reviews and ratings before deciding to download an app to your device. Hoping to make this more useful for everyone, Google is planning two optimizations to the Play Store. Starting in November, the ratings displayed will … Read more

‘Journey to the Savage Planet’ developers reform after Google shut them down

Daniel Cooper

The employees of Typhoon Studios, the developer of Journey to the Savage Planet, reform themselves under the name Raccoon Logic. In an announcement, the team said they should “boldly go back to where they were,” the doomed acquisition of the company by Google. Raccoon Logic also announced that the team has repurchased the rights to … Read more

Logitech’s latest wireless earbuds are certified by Zoom, Microsoft and Google

Steve Dent

Logitech has introduced some new wireless (and wired) earbuds with some unique features for business people. The key product is the Zone True Wireless Earbuds, which the company says will be the first to be certified by the three major video conferencing platforms: Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Another unique feature is support not … Read more

Today’s Google doodle is an anime-infused sports game

Saqib Shah

Google took today’s Doodle to extremes to mark the start of the Tokyo Olympics. Select the modified logo and you can play Doodle Champion Island Games, an anime-inspired title with sports mini-games. Google says it’s the biggest interactive doodle it’s ever made. You control Lucky the Cat in a pixel art landscape dotted with Japanese … Read more