Today’s Google doodle is an anime-infused sports game

Google took today’s Doodle to extremes to mark the start of the Tokyo Olympics. Select the modified logo and you can play Doodle Champion Island Games, an anime-inspired title with sports mini-games. Google says it’s the biggest interactive doodle it’s ever made.

You control Lucky the Cat in a pixel art landscape dotted with Japanese landmarks. Once you join one of several color-coded teams, you can take part in mini-games like table tennis and skateboarding. The controls are relatively simple and are based on various combinations of the arrow keys and the space bar. We won gold in table tennis and got kickflips and fakies in skateboarding with ease. The doodle will be here for the coming weeks, adding new games.

The cutscenes are also pretty lush. According to Google, the interactive doodle was created in collaboration with STUDIO4 ° C, the Tokyo-based animation company behind feature films such as Tekkonkinkreet. It worked on an action-adventure puzzle game as well Catherine. For more information on Doodle Champion Island Games, check out the behind-the-scenes video below.

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