The Morning After: Nintendo finally reveals its new Switch

The Morning After

Nintendo’s new, long-rumored Switch is here – and that’s not what many of us have been hoping for. Nevertheless, the OLED switch is the most grown-up looking switch to date with smaller bezels, a new cream-colored dock and matching Joy-Cons. The core upgrade is – shockingly – the screen: a new seven-inch OLED panel that … Read more

The Morning After: NASA’s rover is making oxygen on Mars

The Morning After

After a relatively quiet month, all the feature film news came at once. No, it’s not another Uncharted delay (that we know of), but a new, reimagined Mortal Kombat movie lands tomorrow. According to screenwriter Greg Russo, violence and blood can be expected (of course), but ensuring the humor of the Mortal Kombat characters translated … Read more

The Morning After: Amazon cancels its Lord of the Rings RPG

The Morning After

Amazon told Bloomberg that it canned its Lord of the Rings, developed with the help of China’s Leyou, after “being unable to secure terms” to continue its development. However, sources claim that Tencent’s recent acquisition of Leyou sparked a contractual dispute that ultimately brought the project to a standstill. Amazon Game Studios is having trouble … Read more

The Morning After – Engadget

The morning after

NVIDIA has set a release date for the GeForce RTX 3060, but waiting won’t be the biggest challenge. The $ 329 mid-tier GPU, the first to have ray tracing at this price, will be available on February 25 at 12:00 p.m. ET. This time around, however, you can’t pick up a Founders Edition and have … Read more