The Morning After: Amazon cancels its Lord of the Rings RPG

Amazon told Bloomberg that it canned its Lord of the Rings, developed with the help of China’s Leyou, after “being unable to secure terms” to continue its development. However, sources claim that Tencent’s recent acquisition of Leyou sparked a contractual dispute that ultimately brought the project to a standstill.

Amazon Game Studios is having trouble getting games out and selling them. Breakaway was canceled in 2018 after lack of progress and Crucible was dropped after poor feedback during testing. Another MMO, New World, has had several delays and is not expected to launch until late August. While Amazon continues to advocate Game Studios’ efforts – the new CEO has stated his support – they clearly haven’t seen quick results.

If it’s the Lord of the Rings part where you get more excited about missing out, don’t worry. Two seasons of it.

– Mat Smith

The incident raises questions about Tesla’s autopilot claims.


Two men have died after a 2019 Model S collided with a tree north of Houston and nobody was in the driver’s seat. One was in the passenger seat, police officer Mark Herman told the media, while the other was in the back.

If the Model S was unmanned, the occupants may have misunderstood autopilot, full self-driving (FSD), or both. Concerns remain that some customers overestimate the technology provided they can take their hands off the steering wheel or even get out of the driver’s seat entirely. However, even the FSD beta doesn’t offer complete autonomy and you need to be ready to take control at all times. The car will prompt you to take the steering wheel if you leave it alone long enough.

The large lithium batteries found on electric vehicles like the Model S also offer a different type of fire. It apparently took about four hours for first responders to put out the Model S fire, and the team even contacted Tesla for help. Continue reading.

The pre-production EV is among the first to be based on a new PSA platform.

The morning after


At Auto Shanghai 2021, which starts this week, Audi offered a glimpse of its new A6 e-tron, a luxury sedan with EV bones. It follows the hybrid A6 we saw in 2011. According to the company, the A6 EV could offer ranges of up to 700 km (434 miles) and reach 100 km / h (62 MPH) from a standing start in less than four seconds. However, no prices or launch windows are currently being announced. Continue reading.

No, not this Bowser.

The morning after


Nintendo has sued Gary Bowser, a leader of the Switch hacking group Team Xecuter, for alleged copyright infringement through creating and selling hacks. Law enforcement had arrested Bowser earlier this fall, but the company hoped the lawsuit would punish the leader for both copyright infringement and two human trafficking cases.

Much of the lawsuit focuses on Bowser, who reportedly runs an “international pirate ring” and sells the SX Core, SX Lite and SX Pro hacking tools for use with Nintendo’s Switch. While some critics have argued that bootlegs are helpful in getting games, Team Xecuter sold the SX suite for a profit, likely ruining that defense in court. Continue reading.

Users pay $ 15 for 25 Mbps internet and $ 20 for broadband over 200 Mbps.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill requiring all ISPs to offer $ 15 a month broadband to low-income users. Service providers must provide at least 25 Mbps download speed or their current low-income internet speed, whichever is higher. Continue reading.

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