Virgin Galactic plans to send Richard Branson to space on July 11th

Mariella Moon

Sir Richard Branson could visit space before Jeff Bezos. Virgin Galactic has announced that it will open the flight window for SpaceShipTwo Unity’s next rocket-powered test flight on July 11th, more than a week before Blue Origin’s first tourist flight is scheduled to take off on July 20th with Bezos on board. The Unity 22 … Read more

White nationalists use Christian symbols to send messages to racists

A man holds a Bible in his hand this Wednesday, January 6, 2021 as President Donald Trump's supporters gather outside the Capitol in Washington.

WASHINGTON – A man screaming with his fist raised, a Byzantine cross in red on his shirt. A white flag with a lonely green pine tree and the words “An Appeal to Heaven” fluttered over the angry crowd. The Christian flag whipped in the wind from a parked pickup truck. These pictures, exhibited at the … Read more