The Motley Fool’s 10 Stocks for 2021

Invest March 19, 2021

By: Sam Barker

Take me on a quick trip, a little over a year ago.

When the clock struck midnight and the year 2020 began, no one could imagine what year we were in.

But during the wild 2020, the market ended the year at a record pace with S&P, NASDAQ, Dow, and Russell hits all of the all-time highs.

And we bet investors who missed the boat curse themselves.

Before I go any further, let me share with you how some lucky investors made 2020 one of the most successful investment years in history.

Here at The Motley Fool, our job is to bring you the very best stocks at the absolutely perfect time. In our Stock Advisor service, for example, our founders Tom and David Gardner provide over 500,000 members with two new stock picks every month

And last year, 21 of our 24 stock selections in Stock Advisor produced positive returns.

That’s 88% of Stock Advisor’s recommendations over the past year.

Check out some of the winners:

  • Tom’s pick up over 750% in January 2020
  • Tom’s Pick up over 100% in February 2020
  • David’s race to catch up in March 2020 increased by over 190%
  • David’s race to catch up increased by over 140% in April 2020
  • Tom’s catch-up increased by over 120% in June 2020

And only in the last 12 months!

In fact, Stock Advisor’s average stock pick is up a whopping 566%!

But I’m not writing to brag about Tom and David or to hold a victory parade.

Because if I’m honest, they’d rather get this access More People than to rest on their laurels.

That’s why they’ve put together a schedule for 2021 exclusively for members of The Motley Fool.

I think you can see from what I uncovered above, but I want to prove to you just how valuable this 2021 stock report could be.

Because this is not the first time that we publish something like this.

Let’s look back on 2018 when we picked 3 Hot Stocks for 2018. Just look at how they’ve turned out since then:

  • Share A – plus 1560% since
  • Share B – up 410% since
  • Share C – up 87% since

Or how about Tom Gardner’s Top Stocks for 2019?

  • Share A – plus 44% since
  • Share B – up 93% since then
  • Share C – up 85% since then
  • Share D – plus 691% since
  • Share E – plus 2% since

Or let’s take a look at Tom Gardner’s top stocks for 2020 last year …

  • Share A – up 274%
  • Share B – up 179%
  • Share C – plus 415%

Investors who put $ 5,000 in each of these three stocks are now sitting at nearly $ 60,000 in a year!

I guess what I’m saying is after seeing all of these returns …

Imagine you received this email last year … and don’t take the plunge.

Well, this is where The Motley Fool comes in.

While past performance isn’t always an indication of future results, I think from everything you’ve seen it can be seen that past expectations have been exceeded when dealing with Tom and David Gardner.

After all, it’s no secret that their revolutionary investment service, Stock Advisor, has hit the market nearly five times!

And at the start of a new year, they think the time is right to release a special report on 10 stocks for 2021.

And if it has anything to do with previous annual reports, make sure you have access to that analysis sooner rather than later.

Just click below for information on how to access this groundbreaking report!

Data protection / legal notices.

Past performance is not a predictor of future results. The individual investment results may vary. Every investment is associated with a risk of loss.

Returns effective January 6, 2021. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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