Want a 1972 Ford Bronco turned into an EV? It’ll cost you $380,000

While it seems like we won’t have to wait long for Ford to announce an all-electric Bronco, it likely won’t have the same classic styling as the 1972 version of the SUV. But if you have at least $ 260,000 in the bank, a company called Gateway Bronco will be happy to build you a vintage Bronco that is outfitted like a modern electric vehicle. This week the company announced two new models, the Fuelie Electric and the Luxe-GT Electric, which have 220 kW electric motors that the company claims can take the former gas hog from zero to 100 miles in less than five seconds can accelerate per hour.

Gateway Bronco

The lower-priced Fuelie model has a range of 200 miles, while the Luxe-GT (throughout the picture), which starts at a staggering $ 380,000, can cover up to 300 miles on a single charge. Other notable features include 18-inch wheels that Gateway Bronco fitted with Wilwood disc brakes and 33-inch Toyo tires. You also receive a seven-year guarantee on the electric drive. Oh, and the interior looks sublime.


Gateway Bronco

Even when you factor in inflation and the cost of all of the modern technology that Gateway Bronco put into the Fuelie and Luxe-GT, at least $ 260,000 is a lot of money to restomod a car that cost $ 2,194 in 1966. But it’s about the current price of electrical retrofits of this type. You could do the job yourself once automakers like Chevy launch box electric motors later in the year, but you’re still probably looking at an expensive project.

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