51 people assumed to be living in collapsed building are not accounted for, commissioner says

Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman said it currently excludes 51 people believed to be living in the partially collapsed part of the building.

Heyman told CNN that these people “never called or called people to reach them.”

Emergency officers ask people to call 305-614-1819 to report they are safe or family members to report their relatives missing.

The commissioner said it was not clear if all 51 people were in the building when it was canceled because of “vacation or anything, so we are still waiting and unfortunately hope is still there but it is waning”.

Heyman said the crews had completed the search and would now move on to a recovery effort. She said firefighters and first responders went all the way through the building that hadn’t collapsed and the part that was partially at risk.

“The rest of the search and rescue efforts were carried out externally by human power, searching in the restricted areas, including using drones and dogs. It has now shifted or has begun to shift to salvage,” she said.

She said about 40 people had been evacuated according to her records. Some of them were helped by others, she said.

However, Heyman said the crews are currently in “pause mode” because a thunderstorm has hit the area.

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