Amazon, Microsoft, Google vie for Boeing cloud contract

Boeing Co., headquartered in Chicago, has created a new business unit for aviation services with headquarters in Dallas. (Boeing photo)

Amazon, Microsoft and Google are participating in a tender process to provide Boeing with cloud computing services. This contract is expected to be valued at at least $ 1 billion over several years, The Information reports.

Today’s report is attributed to four people with knowledge of the matter. GeekWire reaches out to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, but this is usually something such companies would not talk about publicly during negotiations – as The Information found out.

The information states that AWS regards the Boeing contract as “a must”. Andy Jassy, ​​who is currently in charge of AWS’s cloud business and due to take over as CEO of Amazon on July 5, is reportedly directly involved in the process.

Microsoft and Amazon are already involved in a high-profile competition for the Pentagon’s $ 10 billion JEDI cloud computing contract. This contract was awarded to Microsoft in 2019, but faces challenges from Amazon. This month, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Department of Defense is considering closing the deal due to the legal battle and political controversy surrounding the deal.

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