Hmm, That Link Doesn’t Look Quite Right

Hmm, That Link Doesn't Look Quite Right

We’re sorry to interrupt, but FeedBlitz’s anti-abuse algorithms believe that something is not quite right about this link. FeedBlitz reviews every click to make sure it is legitimate and trustworthy. This link has been highlighted – which is why you are here. Unfortunately, at times our protection can be overzealous and go wrong. If this … Read more

Google pulls Element’s Android chat app over content it doesn’t control

Google pulls Element's Android chat app over content it doesn't control

We asked Google for a comment. While the option to sideload the app will soften the blow, it won’t exactly excite the community. Several governments (including the US, UK, France and Germany) use Element and the Matrix network alongside universities and businesses. Losing easy access to the app can be a significant hassle. The move … Read more