Dutch politicians were tricked by a deepfake video chat

Jon Fingas

Dutch politicians have just received a first hand lesson on the dangers of fake videos. According to NL Times and De Volkskrant, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch Parliament was tricked into making a video call with someone using deepfake technology to impersonate Leonid Volkov (above), the chief of staff of Russian opposition leader … Read more

Google’s predictive ‘Smart Compose’ is coming to chat apps in Pixel phones

Google Pixel Recorder Update Spring 2021 animation shows the phone in a wider screen in a browser with extended layout changes

Google started a cycle of updates that began around the time the first Android 12 developer preview was released last week. Since then, a number of new features have been announced for Android devices, and today some more improvements for Pixel phones are being released. These features seem to be available now and include improvements … Read more

Google pulls Element’s Android chat app over content it doesn’t control

Google pulls Element's Android chat app over content it doesn't control

We asked Google for a comment. While the option to sideload the app will soften the blow, it won’t exactly excite the community. Several governments (including the US, UK, France and Germany) use Element and the Matrix network alongside universities and businesses. Losing easy access to the app can be a significant hassle. The move … Read more